Life Lately

As of late, I haven’t been focusing too much on the blog because I’ve been consumed with shopping. Terrible, I know, but furnishing & decorating a home is extremely time-consuming, especially for a mama with three kids 4 & under.  Despite being busy with my girls everyday, I’ve managed to carve out time here & there where I can run out ALONE (thanks to free babysitters aka my family) and really focus on finding some perfect pieces.  With that being said, I am happy to report that I’ve put quite a dent in my milelong to-do list and will finally be able to start unpacking and organizing by next weekend. Until then, here is a list of what you can expect to see when I post the home tour in a few weeks.

  • Shared ‘Magical-Princess-Unicorn’ themed room for Sofia & Emilia (they chose their theme & I love it)
  • Woodland themed nursery for little Miss Lilliana because H-E-L-L-O woodland animals are amazing
  • Main living spaces, which will be a blend of my style and John’s, but cozy nonetheless
  • Guest bedroom & bathroom
  • Master bedroom & bathroom
  • Backyard/Outdoor living space


I can’t wait to share everything on here, wish us luck as we tackle this move in the heat with our crazy kiddos!






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