Alilo Shake and Tell Smart Bunny Rattle

If you’re anything like me, you just can’t help yourself when it comes to gifting your kids fun, new toys. Recently, we were sent this adorable Alilo R1+Shake and Tell Smart Bunny Rattle and the girls are absolutely obsessed with it!

Shop Alilo Shake and Tell Smart Buddy Rattle here. Use promo code inf20off for an additional discount.


As a teacher, I am always thinking of ways for my kids to learn while still having fun and this rattle does the job. With several different modes built-in, the Shake and Tell Bunny features the alphabet and counting from 1-100, 40 different stimulating rattle sounds, nursery rhymes, 4 musicality training modes, and it even has a voice recorder with 4 different voice changing effects. How fun is that?!IMG_6248

In addition to its’ many educational features, the Alilo Shake and Tell Smart Bunny Rattle is also BPA free, Phthalates free, and lead free. AKA worry free for me and Lilly who seems to be putting anything and everything into her mouth these days.


Check out Sofia testing a few of the different rattle sounds below.  At one point, she was hiding in various parts of our house (unbeknownst to me) with this rattle and I thought I was hearing things. #momlife

Overall, I am super happy with the Alilo Shake and Tell Smart Bunny Rattle. It’s a great way for my girls to learn through play and what could be better than that? Thanks for stopping by!




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