Holiday Gift Idea:PicassoTiles Magnetic Tile Set

As the holidays quickly approach, you may find yourself running out of gift ideas for your little ones, who seem to have every toy imaginable, but PicassoTiles has got you covered! We recently received the PicassoTiles Magnetic Tile Set and it was an instant hit with my 4-year-old daughter, Sofia.IMG_9968


PicassoTiles Magnetic Tile Set provides more than just fun for your child, it allows your child to learn through play. With this STEM toy your child will learn about geometric shapes, 3D forms, practice color recognition, and use their creativity to create endless architectural designs. With easy its’ easy to construct design, it’s something the whole family (Ages 3+ recommended) can enjoy and parents will love the easy storage.


As a parent who is always on the lookout for fun, education toys, I cannot recommend the PicassoTiles Magnetic Tile Set enough and Sofia has already requested more tiles to build a “super tall tower.”

To shop the PicassoTiles Magnetic Set click here.








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