Our Big Move: Seattle ->Phoenix

A week ago, we said goodbye to our life in Washington and made the journey back to Phoenix, Arizona.  Despite knowing this move was coming for two months, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad about leaving the place I called home for the last five years.  We bought our first home in Washington, all of our girls were born there, and Grandma & Papa Storms are there so it’s a bittersweet feeling being back in my home state without having them here too.  Of course tears were shed, but we are hoping & praying they’ll make their way down to Arizona before too long.

The trip itself went surprisingly well considering we have three kids 4 & under who are oh so dramatic.  Prior to our departure we decided the easiest way to move all of our belongings would be to load up a pod and have it shipped down and for each of us to drive a car and separate the kids.  I ended up driving my car down with Lilly so that the older two could be as loud as they wanted without fear of waking up the baby.  This turned out to be the best idea because we could drive for longer stretches of time and take a break when Lilly needed to nurse and John would handle diaper changes/potty breaks with Emilia & Sofia.

Sunday-Day 1: 4 a.m. we began our 12 hour drive through southern Washington, Oregon and Northern California.  The drive was beautiful thanks to the clear skies and despite it being our longest day of travel, it went by quickly.  We stopped for the night in Santa Rosa, California at my sister’s house and relaxed, visited with my niece, Isabella, met her beau, then got some much-needed rest before getting back on the road the next morning.

Sunrise in Southern Washington
Entering Portland, Oregon
IMG_2530 6
Oregon is seriously so beautiful!

Monday-Day 2:  John and I got up bright and early with the girls because they don’t know what it means to sleep in and they secretly despise us.  We had some coffee and let the girls burn off some energy before packing up some things and getting ready for another long day of driving.  Lucky for us, we only had to drive for 8 hours to his Tia’s home in Southern California.  However, we failed to get on the road as early as we wanted to because KIDS, plus LA traffic is no joke so our drive was a bit longer than we anticipated.  I honestly don’t know how people in California deal with the traffic because I was so over it and so were the kids.  Lilly did really great most of the day, but was fussy off and on for the last 2 hours of the drive.  According to John, Emilia & Sofia handled the drive great and didn’t complain much, but towards the end started to get a little antsy.  Thankfully, traffic only added an hour to our total drive time and by evening we arrived at Tia Sonia’s house. Shortly after, she got busy in the kitchen and whipped up some delicious friend chicken and baked beans for us.  As usual, her meal did not disappoint and was absolutly delicious!  Once our bellies were full and we chatted for a bit, we got ready for bed and attempted to get the older girls to sleep.  Of course they were “not tired” even though the bags under the eyes were evident, so we watched a little Despicable Me 3 in bed and sure enough, that did the trick.

IMG_2554 2
Is there anything sweeter than sleeping babies?

Tuesday-Day 3: Our last day of travel… Hallelujah! We left for Arizona around 8:30 that morning and hoped to drive the 4 hours it would take to reach my parents house without stopping, but that didn’t happen.  We made it to Blythe, California before stopping for a bite to eat for the girls and changed diapers one last time before getting back on the road. It was kind of funny because the girls noticed the change in weather immediately and Sofia said, “Wow, it’s very much hot out here.” In my head, I was thinking “Girl, this ain’t nothin’,” but decided it would be better not to tell her that it’s going to be even hotter come July.  After the longest 4 hours of my life, we all arrived in one piece at my parents house and our days have been a blur ever since.

IMG_2561 2
Almost there!

Since we’ve arrived John & I looked at several houses & made an offer on our dream home. We will be moving into it towards the end of the month so stay tuned for our home tour post. I am seriously in disbelief that the home I fell in love with while we were still in Washington was not only available, but even more perfect in person.  We are so excited to raise our girls here among family, in a home that we love.



Meet My People





Sofia, also known as “Fia” to her little sisters, is kind, smart, and a natural nurturer who loves to sing and dance. Her best friend is Emmy and her favorite person is Grandma Storms.  She loves the color purple, playing dress-up, arts & crafts, and playing outside.  As my first born, she will always have an extra special place in my heart because she made my dream of being a mama come true.










Emilia, also known as Emmy is our little bear who keeps us on our toes. She is smart, goofy, and always feisty.  Her best friend is Fia and her favorite person is Daddy.  She loves “juice juice”, cake pops aka poppy pops, the color pink, playing with play-doh, cooking in her kitchen, arts & crafts, and running wild outside.   As our fearless middle child we have no doubt that this little girl is going to move mountains.










Lilliana, also known as Lilly, is laid-back, sweet, and always happy.  Her favorite people are Mama & Daddy.  She loves nursing, sucking on her fingers, babbling, tubby time, and being out in the sunshine.  As the baby of the family, she demands lots of cuddles and kisses, but we don’t mind.










John, also known as the love of life, is funny, hard-working and friends with everyone.  He loves spending time with family, binging on Netflix, watching sports, and the occasional date with me–OBVI.  He is the one who makes it possible for me to stay home to raise our girls and for that I am eternally grateful.